Hail Damage Repair

Hail Damage Repair

Modern cars have very hard finishes, but a hailstorm can damage even the most durable surface. Fortunately, most car skins are somewhat elastic: The metal and plastic can bend to absorb some of the hail’s impact. That flexibility also protects a vehicle’s paint surface from cracking or splitting open at the moment of impact.

Learn about the importance of choosing a reputable and experienced hail paintless dent repair specialists below!

Why Choose Dent Shop to Repair Your Car’s Hail Damage?

Dent Shop technicians bring more than 30 years of PDR experience to your repair. We’ve spent decades responding to nationwide and international requests for storm damage repair.
Our focus on PDR means your car maintains its factory finish. You won’t be left with an imperfect color match, overspraying, an incomplete seal, or damage to adjacent painted surfaces. Your vehicle will maintain its value.
Dent Shop PDR technicians are very knowledgeable about most car makes. They skillfully remove and replace interior panels without harming your vehicle’s appearance and integrity.
Dent Shop works with all insurance companies to facilitate your repair. All you need to do is obtain a claim number and bring your car in. We’ll do the rest.
Once your claim has been approved, Dent Shop can repair your hail-damaged car in less than a day.

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Happy Customers

"Great results removing a few small dents from the passenger door of our new car. Very knowledgeable, they took their time and did several additional steps just to ensure the best possible results. The panel looks brand new again."

Chris R | on Facebook

"Thank you Tim! I came in this morning to have a dent removed and 2 hours later I was on my way home. Tim is very professional and did an excellent job on my car. You would never know that a dent was there. I will definitely recommend Tim and Dent Shop."

Debbie H | on Google

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