HAIL! Hail! Hail! You just bought a car and of course it hails. You have hundreds of dents all over your car and it will never be the same. Or so you thought. Did you know that we here at Dent Shop have been fixing hail damaged vehicles for nearly 20 years? Well we have. Not only in the DC metro area but all over the country and even as far as South Africa. No, not South Dakota, although we’ve worked there too, South Africa. Here is the good news. Most Hail damaged cars can be fixed without having to be repainted, utilizing Paintless Dent Repair. Yup, thats what we do here at Dent Shop. With decades of honing our skills and techniques we can offer high quality repairs that many of our competition can’t. So how do you know if a repair shop is qualified? Here are a couple of questions to ask:

  • How many hail cars have you repaired? They shouldn’t even be able to give you a number because they have fixed so many.
  • Are they well versed in aluminum, and high strength steel? If they down know what High strength steel is then you should have your answer.
  • Do you have much experience with dealing with insurance as it pertains to hail? Many technicians can repair light to medium hail damage but are not equipped with the know how to negotiate the proper compensation to take their time and do the job right.

Here a few tips you should know. Hail is considered an act of nature so it won’t increase your insurance rates. The insurance company cannot tell you who can repair your car. The insurance company always does what’s cheapest for them, not what’s best for the value of your car. Repainting your car diminishes the value so don’t do it if you can avoid it. Do your due diligence and interview your repair facility. If they are true professionals they will have answers for all your questions. Trust your gut. Trust Dent Shop.