So most of us are familiar with some form of dent repair without repainting your car. Maybe you’ve tried a hammer screwdriver or the infomercial phenomenon, the Ding King. What you’ve discovered is that it’s not easy, and should be only attempted by experienced professionals.

So what are the most important things you should know about paintless dent repair, or more commonly known as (PDR)? First, any time you can repair a small or large dent, crease or hail damage without painting your car you are protecting the value by maintaining your factory finish. Why is that such a big deal you ask? Here’s why: you know those times when you go to trade your car in and they offer you less than Kelly Blue Book? That’s because most of the time your carfax report states there was some damage and it was repainted. Even if it’s not on the report dealers are trained to look for overspray or apparent signs that a vehicle has been repainted. So how much can they deduct? Sometimes it’s just hundreds of dollars other times its thousands. And the more expensive the car, the higher the loss of value.

Paintless Dent Repair Benefits

Paintless Dent Repair maintains your vehicle’s factory finish
A dent free vehicle is more valuable than a dented vehicle
Paintless dent repairs are not reported to Carfax
Normal dents & dings are usually less expensive than conventional body shop repair
Lower environmental impact
Faster Turnaround

So check with Dent Shop before you opt for traditional bodywork. Don’t: Don’t pay interest on the additional money financed on your new vehicle because you repainted part of your last vehicle. Don’t let the body shop talk you into repainting your car. Don’t let the insurance company paint your car because its cheaper for them. Make sure you visit our site at to learn more about the benefits of paintless dent repair.