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Established in 2015 by experts with 35+ years of experience in the business, Dent Shop specializes in Paintless Dent Repair to eliminate small-to-large dents and hail damage on your vehicle. Our technicians gently and skillfully restore damaged panels to their original condition without compromising your vehicle’s factory finishes. We work with your insurance company, minimize your down time, and save you money. And, unlike conventional body shop repair work, Dent Shop’s dent-repair techniques do not diminish your car’s value.

“We make repairs other shops can’t—or won’t!”

- Tim Kordon, Owner

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Paintless Dent Repair is the process of repairing minor dents and hail damage without affecting a vehicle’s original finish. PDR involves no filling, sanding or painting, so it is a quick, minimally invasive and cost-effective way to restore a lightly damaged car to its original condition.

Vehicle Hail Damage Repair

Paintless Dent Repair is the quickest and most effective way to repair hail damage. In most cases, we can have your car looking like new after only one day in our shop. And Dent Shop works with your insurer—all you need to do is obtain a claim number and bring your vehicle to us for a consultation. We’ll do the rest.

Vehicle Large Dent Repair

Dent Shop handles large dent repairs, including creases, the same way we handle smaller dents and hail damage. If you have had a minor accident, or your car has borne the brunt of a runaway shopping cart or other collision, our technicians can often restore the affected area using Paintless Dent Repair techniques.

Our Customers Say It Best!

“Great service – I called for an appointment and they took my car that same day. They were fast and I barely recognized my car when they finished. It looked like new again – I could not even tell where the dents had been. I hope I don’t need to, but I would definitely go back again!!!”
Leslie F | on Facebook

“Thanks Tim and Paul, great work on fixing my hail damage. Estimate was quick and actual work was done promptly and professionally. Looks like it never happened. Insurance was able to work directly with the Dent Shop too.”
Shane W | on Facebook

“Thank you Tim! I came in this morning to have a dent removed and 2 hours later I was on my way home. Tim is very professional and did an excellent job on my car. You would never know that a dent was there. I will definitely recommend Tim and Dent Shop.”
Debbie H | on Google

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Dent Shop

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